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Deprecate VMs
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Deprecate as much of the application VM infrastructure as possible into lighter-weight docker containers

  • Ansible
    • shutoff
  • SSH Bastion => out of scope; security barrier
  • NextCloud
  • EmonCMS (or remove?)
    • PoC, no migration should be needed
  • GitLab (or remove?)
  • httpsrv (unused?)
    • I think this is unused, so can be dropped?
  • Management bastion => out of scope; security barrier
  • Monitoring
    • Might need special networking handling
  • MQTT
    • There's an outstanding authentication issue here with the sonoff plugs.
    • The hostname/port is hardcoded in a lot of embedded devices.
    • Postgres database on this VM too.
  • Netbox
    • Requires Postgres
    • Requires Redis
    • Custom-build docker-compose - the built in one adds a HTTP proxy on the front, and we'll be supplying our own.
  • Oracle
    • data migration
  • piholesrv
    • tricky because networking
  • Postgres
    • data migration - this is all DNSManager stuff. Perhaps redeploy as container in stack?
  • VPN => requires special networking configuration

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