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(An Untitled Masterwork)

Authored by stwalkerster on Jun 7 2020, 12:19 AM.
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F297694: raw.txt
Jun 7 2020, 12:19 AM
<complexstalk flag="Mdaniels acc new user tracking" lastupdate="2020-06-06$
<user value="Molly\.glover" comment="ACC" />
<user value="KyleSmuckerCompany" comment="ACC. Wish to ensure COI is$
<user value="Seidualiofficial" comment="ACC" />
<user value="Khanh\-nw" comment="ACC (old)" />
<user value="K\-nw" comment="ACC (new)" />
<user value="Gwigley" comment="Serious BLP issues that I want to kee$
<user value="Johnsmith1221" comment="NPOV issues. GW is already on t$
<user value="altafhussainsyed" caseinsensitive="true" comment="ACC" $
<user value="Mrsbheinz88" comment="&quot;88&quot; in username, want $
<user value="anti(\ |\.)?com" caseinsensitive="true" comment="Sock$
<user value="AntiCompositeNumber" comment="This one is cool :)" $
<and comment="More AntiCom stuff, also track new users with &quot;14$
<log value="newusers" />
<user value="anti(\ |\.)?com" caseinsensitive="true" />
<user value="8 ?8" />
<user value="1 ?4" />
<user value="(卍 |卐 |☭|☠|)" />
<user value="H{1,5}.*I{1,5}.*T{1,5}.*L{1,5}.*E{1,5}.*R{1,5}.*" c$
<user value="A{1,5}.*D{1,5}.*O{1,5}.*L{1,5}.*F{1,5}.*" caseinsen$
<user value="[\x{249C}-\x{24E9}]" comment="Circled and parenthes$
<user mask="$a:stwalkerster" unsubscribed="true" />
<user mask="$a:mdaniels5757" />

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