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Authored by stwalkerster on Jun 3 2019, 3:01 PM.
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{{Infobox YouTube personality
| image = FED_twitch_cropped.jpg ‎
| image_size = 164 × 239 px
| caption = Fed at [[TwitchCon|TwitchCon 2018]]
| name = Fedmyster
| birth_name = Federico Michael Gaytan
| birth_date = {{birth date and age|df=yes|1995|08|07}}
| birth_place = [[Mexico]]
| nationality = [[United States|American]]
| residence = [[Los Angeles, CA]]
| occupation = {{flatlist|
* Twitch Streamer
* YouTuber
* Editor
| pseudonym = Fedmyster
| channel_name = Fedmyster
| years_active = 2013-present
| genre = {{flatlist|
* [[Gaming]]
* [[Vlog]]
| subscribers = 259 thousand
| subscriber_date = 23 February 2019
| views = 25.7 million
| view_date = 23 February 2019
| network = [[Offline TV]]
| associated_acts = {{flatlist|
* [[Offline TV]]
* [[Pokimane]]
* [[Disguised Toast]]
| silver_year = Unknown
| silver_button = yes
| stats_update = 23 February 2019
== Biography ==
'''Federico M. Gaytan''' (born August 7, 1995), better known by his alias '''FEDMYSTER''' or just '''FED''' for short by his friends, is an [[United States|American]] [[|Twitch]] [[Live streaming|streamer]] and [[List of YouTube personalities|YouTube personality]], who is known for his [[Online streamer#IRL streams|IRL streams]]..<ref name="Fed">{{cite news |title=You Likely Never Saw Twitch's 'Most Popular' Emote |url= |accessdate=26 January 2019 |work=[[Kotaku]] }}</ref> Gaytan started his streaming career in early
January 2018, before this however he was a full-time video editor for content creator Christian "IWDominate" Rivera, a former semi-pro player for [[Team Liquid]]. Gaytan was invited to join the group as an editor in June 2017. On July 8, 2017, Gaytan published his first YouTube video with [[Offline TV]], where he was formally introduced as the group's editor.<ref>{{cite web |title=MEET THE OFFLINE TV HOUSE |url= |website=[[Youtube]]}} Retrieved 26 January 2019 </ref> After this, Gaytan went on to make many videos with Offline TV, garnering millions of views for the channel. Gaytan grew popular among the Offline TV fanbase and was officially named as part of talent in January 2018. Gaytan also dropped out of the [[University of California, Santa Cruz]] shortly before joining OfflineTV as a result of his father passing away and in order to support his mother and brothers. <ref name="Fedmyster">{{cite news |title=I’m Watching the Future of Reality TV |url= |accessdate=23 February 2019 |work=[[Medium (website)]] }}</ref>
In 2018, Gaytan's [[|Twitch emote]] called “Fed7” has been used a reported 431 million times in three months, making it the most popular emote on the site at that time.<ref name="Fed"/>
== References ==
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